Commentaire de bssplyr thanks alot. Une fois que Vyragosa est mort notez bien l’heure et surtout la minute ou il est mort c’est très important. Commentaire de Darkprodigy Now I know why they call in « Time-Lost », all the time lost people spend camping this guy. Don’t remember what else dropped other than the mount and the bag of random loot. Fortunately, unlike his girly, pansy friend Vyragosa, he prefers to stab faces with his fists, so it was no problem fighting him as a melee class. Probably just a random sawn time? No sign of the proto-drake for 4 days now though:

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Two people have the mount that I have personally saw and one reports to have gotten it a week ago. It woke me up twice to Vyragosa, but alerted my to the real prize while I was playing my Xbox. It might seem noobish but do you petdu the epic flying training for the Proto drake to Drop? Car n’importe qui, qui croisera son cadavre, saura qu’il a un battement de quelques heures avant de revenir. Commentaire de Groundlord There are several Elite mobs in Northrend with MORE health than that who can be soloed; this guy is pretty much just a « Find me, win a prize » kind of thing. Commentaire de abadyss can vyra and TLPD be alive at same time or do they take turns? Vyra xrake actually fighting the winged viking woman NPC’s there and while he was winning the fight against the 2 he was fighting 2 more spawned nearly as soon as I realized what was going on.

Après avoir passé plusieurs mois dans les Pics Foudroyés et avoir croisé quelques protos et des dizaines de Vyragosa j’ai remarquer un chose interessante.


Update Killed Vyragosa again at at 28 There is a little ledge about yrds up the mountainside southeast of the icy river.

Guide proto-drake perdu dans le temps

I can’t think of a reason it wouldn’t I’m just asking for a bit of clarification. No sign of the proto-drake for 4 days now axdon It might seem noobish but do you need the epic flying training for the Proto drake to Drop? Edited February 7, by Imeche. If its that Big Mecanical Gnome I have killed him without any proto-drake dropped.

Let me preface my comments with a hearty congratulations to all who have the mount. Je vous recommande d’ailleurs d’utiliser l’addon AfK Warningqui émet un son lorsque votre personnage passe en mode AFK.

Retrouvez-moi la addpn ou la nuit sur Twitch et Twitter! I sincerely hope this helps, and I would love to answer any questions in order to return the favor to the community that made it possible to earn this awesome mount.

addon proto drake perdu dans le temps

Commentaire de constantlols Have any Horde side gotten this mount on the Vek’nilash server? Commentaire de n8ymk2 Spotted and killed him 35,67 on Gilneas after 10 hours flying around.

En effet, son taux d’apparition est très faible.

addon proto drake perdu dans le temps

Si le combat est d’une facilité déconcertante, le plus dur sera drske dénicher ce drake. Posted February 7, Commentaire de Slibfs Found his corpse at I’m not entirely convinced the spawns can happen so close together, because today Friday the macro indicated that TLPD had not spawned once since the Tuesday server reset. Or does he stick around longer.

Commentaire de Maha Found dead body of Vyragosa at Pour bien débuter, nous allons nous balader en Norfendre, dans les Pics Foudroyés: Bind it to the scroll and fly around and start scrolling.


Commentaire de Ruless i’m travelling between all spots that wowhead ppl said for 10 hours, still no sign etmps any of that 3 mob.

Le Protodrake perdu dans le temps – Millenium

Bore’s breath is definitely a hot spot and probably your best spot to camp. Commentaire de Ginshi He spawned exactly where everyone else reported him to spawn, right near the Engine of the Makers and the blue proto-drakes.

Commentaire de Oafmwl I was at the summoning stone for Halls of Lighting waiting for my party and I saw it flew by. Not just the Proto-drake. So much for that strategy. However, I’ve seen Vyragosa dead 3 times – never managed to get the kill myself but I have seen her go down. Guessing they do use that canyon to go around in.

World of Warcraft – Guide pour farmer et tuer le Proto-Drake perdu dans le temps !

srake There has been no sightings of this drake on Tichondrius, no dead bodies, no one has the mount, nothing. Commentaire de alfahane Ok Ive been farming this for 2 weeks now.

addon proto drake perdu dans le temps

Il n’apparait que deux ou trois fois par semaine, et sa durée de vie est souvent limitée à quelques minutes. Long nights and missed raid runs. Commentaire de lofblad 37,61 Nordrassil EU Pour la petite histoire, ce drake porte le nom en anglais de  » Time-lost proto-drake « , ce qui se traduit par Proto-drake du temps perdu.